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Vulcanis, 40 Eridanus b & c
T'Khasi (Vulcan)
Sovhelk (Vulcan Moon 1
S'toral (Vulcan Moon 2)
T'Hyla (Vulcan Moon 3)
T'Khut (Vulcan Twin Planet)
Shesh'hin & Moon Va'nuph
40 Eridanus (also known as Vulcan System) is an trinary star system located 16,5 lightyears or 5 parsecs from the Sol System. 40 Eridanus B and C are a binary system and they are circling themself within 256 years. Both stars are orbiting 40 Eridanus A within 8000 years.

Vulcan is one of the planets in the 40 Eridanus star system and homeworld of the Vulcans, one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. The vulcan homeworld has three moons and it seems to have some close planetary trabants.

Vulcan's climate is general harsh, big regions of the surface consists of deserts or mountain ranges. Besides a considerably higher force of gravity is prevailing, and the atmosphere is thinner than on earth. Desert areas are inclined to large quantities of heat, light and sand fire storms.
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