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Tellar was the mountainous homeworld of the Tellarite civilization. Tellar was the capital planet and seat of government of the United Planets of Tellar state, one of the five founding members of the United Federation of Planets.

This world, also known as Tellar Prime, Tellarus and as Miracht, is the fifth planet in the Tellar system. It is located in the Pangeos system of the Alpha Quadrant. In addition, the planet has two moons, known as Kera and Phinda.

The surface of Tellar is noted for being unusually dry, and for having an inactive climate for a Class M planet - with it being sunny most of the time at all locations. The light and dry atmosphere did not trap the heat sufficiently, which meant that temperatures remained cool for many years. Furthermore, there was very little water that covered the planetary surface with whatever oceans being present being little more than large inland seas. Whilst on the surface the world lacked much water, it did by volume possess the same amounts of those on M Class worlds. The reason for this discrepancy was because the planetary continental shelf cantilevers over the oceans surface instead of sloping beneath it which traps much of the water underground. This lack of surface water meant that little of it evaporated into the air thus depriving any possibility of rainfall which was in turn why the planet was so dry and calm. Any sea water instead flowed through a network of subterranean caverns and collects inland into vast underground reservoirs. This process meant that the water was filtered of any impurities including salt and meant that these reserves consisted of fresh water.
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