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Risa's Suns
Risa at night
Risa is an M-class planet located in a binary star system, with two moons. It is the homeworld of the Risans and a member of the Federation. Risa is located about 90 light years from Earth.

Originally a dismal, rain-soaked, and geologically unstable jungle planet plagued by violent earthquakes, the native Risans transformed their world with a technologically sophisticated weather control network that provided nearly constantly desirable weather, and seismic regulators to eliminate the geological instability and for optimum tourist comfort.

Known for its beautiful tropical resorts and abundance of pristine beaches, Risa is an immensely popular tourist destination, receiving millions of guests per year since at least the 22nd century.

One popular Risan attraction is Suraya Bay, where the Lohlunat, the Festival of the Moon, is held. Another attraction is a place called Galartha, a cliff face that changes pitch while you climb it. One recommended restaurant is a little boat that sails into the bay every evening just after sunset. Patrons wade out to it, and they serve seafood right off the deck.
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