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Planetary Nebula NGC 6543
Central Star HD 164963
The Cat's Eye Nebula or NGC 6543, is a bright planetary nebula.

Observations show the bright nebulosity has temperatures between 7000 and 9000 K, whose densities average of about 5000 particles per cubic centimetre. Its outer halo has the higher temperature around 15000 K, but is of much lower density. Velocity of the fast stellar wind is about 1900 km/s, where spectroscopic analysis shows the current rate of mass loss averages 3.2×10−7 solar masses per year, equivalent to twenty trillion tons per second (20 Eg/s).

Surface temperature for the central PNN is about 80000 K, being 10000 times as luminous as the sun. Stellar classification is O7 + [WR]–type star Calculations suggest the PNN is over one solar mass, from a theoretical initial 5 solar masses. The central Wolf-Rayet star has a radius of 0.65 R☉ (452,000 km).
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