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Gornar is the homeworld of the Gorn and the capital of the Gorn Hegemony.

It was located in the Beta Quadrant as the third planet in the Tau Lacertae system and had two moons. Gornar was a tropical jungle world. The planet had less of a tilt than Earth and the atmosphere traps much of the heat and accounts for its high warm temperature. Mammals never rose to any type of prominence on Gornar. This lead to the development of the Gorn race. Dinosaur like creatures still roam the wild areas of the planet.

The Gorn built many cities near great swamps. These cities were equally built above and below ground and cover much of the planet. Many connections between cities are found underground.

Forty-Five percent of the land is actually usable. The rest is covered by swamps and oceans. The gravity on the planet is measured at 1.4Gs.
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